VHS Uber Alles July ’24

90min · VHS
  • Saturday, Jul 20, 2024, 9:30pm

Zachary Kane is a bounty hunter. A man on a mission who knows what he wants. He's a boxer (great training sequence), a ladies’ man, and he even plays the flute! He's so smooth he even picks up chicks while chowing down slices in some Pizza Hut parking lot. Kane always gets his man, but faces the ultimate challenge when a crazed, hissing, sadistic serial killer begins abducting and killing women on his home L.A. turf. Zack Kane - Manhunter Coming At You!

“So great for so many different reasons. They truly don’t make ’em like this anymore and the movie industry should be ashamed. It is loaded with 70’s atmosphere, from the disco-like soundtrack to the fact that 90% of the men in the movie have a mustache.” comeuppancereviews.com

“A pretty gnarly action flick in a way they simply don’t seem to know how to do anymore. No CGI, just raw poundings, bloodshed, and explosions, the way it ought to be.”

“A wickedly exhilarating, panther-paced, down n’ dirty thriller with an especially epic, full-throttle backstreets bike chase, careening pell-mell, skell-for-leather into a gonzo, karate-hearty, bone-blasting, chop-socking climax of bruisingly balletic bare knuckle kick-a$$ery!”