Theater Rental

Rentals are limited to 25 people.  Minimum rental time is 2 hours.

Evenings are generally not available until after 930pm or later. Daytimes Monday thru Friday are available until around 6pm. Weekend availability is limited to mornings and early afternoons or late nights. All rental availability is dependent upon our regular schedule.

The Grand Illusion Cinema is an excellent and affordable venue for screening your own film, private events, birthday parties, discussion groups, business meetings, etc.

For most rentals, we screen from Blu-ray or DVD (prefer blu-ray for better quality). DVD will be upscaled to HD by our state-of-the-art Blu-ray player. It is also possible to hook a laptop up to our video projector via HDMI.

Billing is for the total time the space is needed including setup, arrivals, and departures of your group. Please plan to include an additional 30 minutes to your rental in addition to your film’s total running time. You will pay via credit/debit in advance of the rental.

For the quickest response to a rental inquiry, please email us at rentals@grandillusioncinema.org.