VHS Uber Alles April 2024

93min · VHS
  • Saturday, Apr 13, 2024, 9:30pm

Cynthia Rothrock plays a Shaolin monk residing in Nepal who has been given the task of protecting her master (Lam Ching-Ying) and his six year old nephew, the New Living Buddha, from The Evil Abbot. However, as they try to escape to Hong Kong, her master gets assassinated and the child is picked up by two bumbling crooks! Hot on their trail, The Evil Abbot appears in Hong Kong, leading to a final boss battle full of epic fight choreography, wirework, magic animated FX, and “a magnificently psychotic sequence” as the balance between good and evil must be restored!

“One’s enjoyment of [this film] will depend on one’s enjoyment, or tolerance, for Hong Kong comedy….Everything that happens is either just outright bonkers or in bad taste…” Andrew Skeates, Far East Films

“Overall [this film] has some real entertaining fights…you will have to sit through some real bizarre comedy…. A must for martial arts fans.” chrichtonsworld.com

“This is the worst piece of crap I have seen recently. There is only one good thing in this flick, the fights. Avoid it unless you are fan of the dragon lady Cynthia Rothrock.”  1/10 ”Useless movie that was never supposed to exist!” IMDb review