Seattle Film Festival: Shorts Program 2


The Battle Against Poaching: In the early 2000's, there was a dramatic escalation in elephant poaching across Africa. Big Life was created to fight back, spreading a protective network across the Amboseli ecosystem.

Death in a Box: An otherworldly box threatens more than just the friendship of two girls.

House of the Unholy: A blood thirsty Princess hunts down the last of the Indigo Elders for the immortal elixir inside his heart that will grant her the power to reign over the Kingdom for an Eternity!

Storage: Things spin out of control very quickly after a doctor awakens in a storage room with no idea how she got there or who she even is.

Confession Day: Outsiders in a tight community, ten-year-old Aled must bury his father and help his mother find peace.

Beats: As series of attacks terrorizes Munich, Max finds himself in the electro club Beats with his new friend Sefi and other party attendees.