David Cronenberg · 1977
91min · DCP
  • Sunday, Oct 22, 2023, 4:00pm
  • Monday, Oct 23, 2023, 7:00pm
  • Wednesday, Oct 25, 2023, 9:30pm

Picking up where the taboo-busting SHIVERS left off, RABID is the next-level iteration of Cronenberg’s obsession with sexual body violence in the form of a late nite creature feature. After a motorcycle accident, Rose (former adult film star Marilyn Chambers) wakes up in a hospital with new skin and a new appetite. As the city of Montréal is transformed into an incubator for gunk-spewing vampires, the ghostly Rose finds herself at war with her body and the world. This is a young Cronenberg firing on all cylinders. Featuring a focused and intense performance from Chambers, clever statements on vanity and greed, and a grotesque lil’ beastie who looks like a penis with teeth, RABID is a high-water mark in lysergic horror.

Part of our annual horror series All Monsters Attack!

“The craft’s rough, but this is Cronenberg’s sleaziest, funniest film, jammed with juicy gore, infectious shocks and a splendidly unnecessary Santa massacre.” William Thomas, Empire

“To top [Shivers] was never going to be easy but two years later [Cronenberg] was again turning his stars into the depraved living dead with equally nauseating effect in Rabid.” Almar Haflidason, BBC