Meet Me in the Bathroom

Will Lovelace, Dylan Southern · 2022
105min · DCP

Inspired by Lizzy Goodman’s bestselling book, MEET ME IN THE BATHROOM is an immersive journey through the explosive New York music scene of the early 2000s. Set against the backdrop of 9/11 and a world unaware of the seismic political, technological and cultural shifts about to occur, this acclaimed documentary tells the story of the last great romantic age of rock 'n' roll through the prism of a handful of era-defining bands, including The Strokes, LCD Soundsystem, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Interpol, TV on the Radio, The Rapture, Liars, and The Moldy Peaches.

“The footage Southern and Lovelace managed to get their hands on is the real reason to watch… Meet Me in the Bathroom does a good job of dropping you into a time and place that is gone and could not happen today.” Brooklyn Vegan

“A tremendous document of one of the most integral musical periods of our time, when the kids asked “is this it?” and responded by changing the world.” Collider