Deep Listening

Daniel Weintraub · 2022
117min · DCP
  • Sunday, Mar 19, 2023, 7:30pm
  • Wednesday, Mar 22, 2023, 7:30pm


DEEP LISTENING: THE STORY OF PAULINE OLIVEROS tells the story of the iconic composer, performer, teacher, philosopher, technological innovator and humanitarian, Pauline Oliveros. She was one of the world’s original electronic musicians, the only female amongst notable post-war American composers, a master accordion player, a teacher and mentor to musicians, a gateway to music and sound for non-musicians and a technical innovator who helped develop everything from tools that allow musicians to play together while in different countries to software that enables those with physical limitations to create beautiful music. On the vanguard of contemporary American music for six decades, her story illuminates the pathway to how we got where we are and where the future will take us in the worlds of music, the philosophy of sound, and the art of listening.

Produced in collaboration with executive producer IONE, Oliveros’ partner in life and work, and the Ministry of Maåt, Inc., the film combines rare archival footage, live performances, and unreleased music with appearances by Terry Riley, Anna Halprin, IONE, Linda Montano, Laurie Anderson, Thurston Moore, Alvin Lucier, Claire Chase, Miya Masaoka, Morton Subotnick, Tony Martin, Ramon Sender and many more groundbreaking artists.

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Stuart Dempster, Pauline Oliveros’ long-time friend and collaborator, will be present for a post-show Q&A following each screening, both on the 19th and the 22nd!

“…an amazing way to honor [Oliveros’] memory and give others a way to learn more about her life, legacy, and what it truly means to listen to and welcome others.” Justin Chassin, The Polytechnic

“Weintraub’s film, which largely allows Oliveros herself to tell her story and explain her discoveries and ideas through recorded interviews that are peppered with commentary from her peers (Terry Riley, Morton Subotnick) and disciples (Thurston Moore)… leaves the viewer not only wanting to explore her music further, but to pay more attention to the sounds around them—something the composer no doubt would have appreciated.” Peter Aaron, Chronogram

“Luminous.” Laurie Anderson