Danger!! Scare Films on 16mm

Various Directors · 1942-1971
125min · 16mm
  • Tuesday, Oct 10, 2023, 7:30pm

Experience the dark side of educational films: shorts designed to terrify you into “correct behavior!” For decades, scare films served as propaganda for compliance – and as forbidden thrills of the lowest kind. Tonight only, see rare 16mm prints of some of the most warped, heavy-handed, and infamous examples of the genre.

Shocking, lurid, and even stomach-churning, sights you can scarcely endure serve as dire warnings of a horrific fate beyond imagining! Pus-dripping doom from syphilis! The gory splatter of highway crashes! Atomic devastation! The godless threat of Communism! All of this and more could HAPPEN TO YOU!

Part of our 16mm Centennial Celebration Series and annual horror series All Monsters Attack!

Warning: this program includes uncensored scenes some may find disturbing. Recommended for mature audiences only! Co-presented by The Sprocket Society.