Village of the Damned

John Carpenter · 1995
99min · DCP

"Mr. Carpenter gives this formerly black and white story a handsome color retelling and a lot of new punch. And he avidly exploits the fears that are at its heart… even creepier to watch as a parent than it was to see as a child." Janet Maslin, New York Times

In this age of remakes & reboots, it's worth looking back to a remake by the one director you can trust: the master, John Carpenter. He injects his version of the 1960 film with his signature visual style and sardonic humor. Carpenter even enlisted Dave Davies of The Kinks to co-write & play guitar on the soundtrack!

After an unseen force invades a quiet coastal town, ten women mysteriously find themselves pregnant. Local physician Dr. Alan Chaffee (Christopher Reeve) and government scientist Dr. Susan Verner (Kirstie Alley) join forces when the women simultaneously give birth... and the reign of terror by creep kids begins!