VHS Uber Alles Nov. ’23

  • Saturday, Nov 18, 2023, 9:30pm

Sergeants Casey and Lance (played by our action favorite Ted Prior) are ordered to accompany a group of newbie soldiers through the jungle (which suspiciously looks like Southern California) for a practice drill during a somewhat ambiguous wartime effort. This exercise turns deadly serious when the group is discovered by ruthless Russian scouts. As they are relentlessly shot down, one wonders if our American heroes will ever be able to escape this hell on the battleground… William Smith, playing their battle-worn colonel, says it all in a moment of pure AIP straight-to-video poetry: “Casey and Lance could escape all the danger. Two fighting machines with muscles made out of steel and bones made out of granite. Soldiers never ask where or when to fight, no matter if they are in the desert or in the jungle, if it's day or night. Casey and Lance are laughing right in the face of the devil!”

“Anyone who knows David Prior and the AIP style of filmmaking will appreciate this movie. It’s no Deadly Prey, but what possibly could be?” – ComeuppanceReviews.net

“I rate movies of this genre on the number and quality of the muzzle flashes displayed. This one is almost 6 stars for number (732, 800 being 6 stars) and the quality is phenomenal! Some of the flashes are so large that one wonders how they were achieved (more than 5 feet long!). The crew certainly did not stint on the blank ammo budget.” – An Oddly Specific 6/10 IMDb Review

“An American ode to life, liberty, beers, babes, and bare-chested military uniforms in a war that isn’t exactly clear of where or when this sexy conflict takes place.” – r/badMovies