VHS Uber Alles Nov. ’22

93min · VHS

"Let's play games. Games of death." One-man moviemaking machine David Heavener is the poor man's Steven Seagal with his stylish slicked-back ponytail and pained grimace. We here at VHS UBER ALLES keep coming back to his movies because we admire his talent - he acts in, writes, directs, produces and does the music for the majority of his movies. Not to be confused with Hard Target (1993) - or possibly, TO be confused with Hard Target? Heavener has fashioned a cross between that movie and The Game (1997) even though this straight-to-TV movie pre-dated The Game (1997) by a year!

“Fully delivers on the nudity, the gory murders, and the endless array of car chases, explosions, and shootouts… with Heavener fully capturing all of the action onto film while properly displaying himself as a decent on-screen hero…” Random Letterboxd User

“I have to award it an extra half star for Heavener’s excellent theme song, “The City is a Jungle”. Even though it sounds like it was recorded on his kid’s My First Sony, there is a raw power and emotion that comes from Heavener’s vocals that is hard to beat.” The Video Vacuum

“I owe everything to VHS and God!  Anything less than a VHS is low quality. Doesn’t VHS stand for Very High Standards?” David Heavener, Lunchmeat VHS Fanzine #9