VHS Uber Alles March 2024

105min · VHS
  • Saturday, Mar 9, 2024, 9:30pm

Joey just graduated from his Ohio high school and is on the road straight to nepo-yuppietown; accepted into law school at Yale, a dorky summer job lined up clerking at the office, and then ultimately taking over his father’s law firm. However, everything changes when his gang of preppy bros hit up the wrong side of town (“the dark side”) looking for what they think will be some easy and hot dates at a punk show. Joey’s plans for a night of cheap action are foiled as he falls in love at first sight with a touring punk drummer named Thunder. His punk awakening begins as he gets in a fight with his parents over his predestined yuppie future, has the obligatory punk rock style-and-hair makeover, and finally runs away to LA to find Thunder and chase his dreams. Written by Real Punk Rockers featuring 100% Real LA Punk Houses! Punk Skaters! Punk Bands! Up The Punks!!

“You can’t make this s#!^ up…it’s very authentic. Almost everyone on the set knows each other through rock’n’roll.” actor, musician, and co-writer Pleasant Gehman

“I still hope to be part of a party that begins when someone ollies on to a couch.” Billups Allen, Lunchmeat VHS Fanzine