VHS Uber Alles July ’23

84min · VHS
  • Saturday, Jul 15, 2023, 9:30pm

Warren is a total dork. He works in the basement of a library and in his spare time watches self-help videos on how to pick up women. Needless to say, those VHS tapes just don't seem to be working for him. His life and luck begin to change with the discovery of a long-lost book teaching the ability to harness the power of the mind for influence and control. However, all of this newfound power comes with a price, and the more Warren uses his powers, the more it adversely begins to affect him. He's unable to stop, even as he begins to turn into a hideously malformed and violent creature...

“Clearly influenced by the superior films of David Cronenberg and Stuart Gordon… The dialogue is surprisingly sharp, witty and well-written…” Bloody Pit of Horror

“[Title Redacted] is an enigma… Am I in too deep with this kind of shit?” VHS Shitfest

“All the practical effects are stellar…coupled with the manic and menacing performance of [lead actor] McDonald, managed to creep me the fuck out.” Memory Movies