VHS Uber Alles Jan ’24

90min ยท VHS
  • Saturday, Jan 20, 2024, 9:30pm

After a shootout goes wrong with the death of his partner, Zeus (George Pan-Andreas) is ordered to turn in his gun and badge. Never missing a beat, he is immediately recruited by the CIA -- the President of the United States has promised to rid the streets of crime. Zeus is the hero and a cop. Now he is the killer of crime.

“We know what you’re thinking: ‘I love the Dirty Harry movies, but the only flaw is that Clint Eastwood isn’t Greek enough.’ Well, problem solved, my friend. Problem solved.” 7/10 IMDB Review

“Pan-Andreas was the director, writer, the editor, did stunts and was also the lead… Some of you may read that and wonder, ‘Can someone do all of those jobs and still make a good movie?’ And others are salivating knowing that this is the kind of vanity project that delivers some majestic entertainment.” BandSAboutMovies

“While it doesn’t quite reach the heights of classics like Samurai Cop (1991) or Miami Connection (1987), it comes very, very close.” 10/10 IMDB review