VHS Uber Alles Feb ’24

90min · VHS
  • Saturday, Feb 17, 2024, 9:30pm

Aspiring girl group The Skirts are on their way, through scorching desert heat, to sing on a prime time Las Vegas television competition. All is well on Girl Trip until their clunky old car breaks down, leaving them to walk towards a dusty old town they see in the distance for help. Little do they know, this ghost town is the top secret hideout of a gang of drug dealing bikers! Taking the girl group captive, the bikers and their molls terrorize The Skirts, who don't know how to fire guns, but continue to fight to survive (dressed in their undies and hair teased to the max). Spawning an inexplicable total of three straight to VHS sequels, this gem of physical media features: a woman spraying a rattlesnake with a can of hairspray! Bikers delivering drugs to Mexico via remote control toy airplane! Really catchy song and dance numbers by our gals The Skirts!

“A film that will chain you to fear – terrorizing your senses and violating your sensibilities – [This movie] takes you on a ride through the fires of hell.” Actual VHS Box Quote

“[This movie] is an unpretentious actioner that conjures up delights of the nonsensical biker pics that filled drive-ins nationwide two decades ago.” IMDb (3 out of 3 found this helpful)

“The movie’s stupidity comes through most during the fight scenes.” ComeuppanceReviews.net