VHS Uber Alles Feb. ’23

84min · VHS
  • Saturday, Feb 18, 2023, 9:30pm


"She's the woman of your dreams, in your worst nightmares!"

Wax museum owner Raymond receives an extra coffin-shaped crate in his latest shipment of Dracula memorabilia, and upon opening finds Vanessa. Sex-crazed and thirsty for blood, she awakens and goes on a rampage searching for her husband, the long deceased Count Dracula. On her quest for love, she sucks dry various lowlifes (even a group of Satanists!) and puts Raymond under her vampiric spell. Can he break free of her control, or will he succumb to his own bloodlust?

“The film is loaded with huge plot holes and there is plenty of cheesy gore to enjoy…if you want to see Sylvia Kristel in her only one horror film you can give this one a try. Unfortunately, she doesn’t provide any nudity.” – 5/10 IMDB Review

“This movie is great. This is one of the best horror movie of all time. It will scary you out of your mind. See it.” – 10/10 IMDB Review

“This is a pretty bad movie, the story is daft, dialogue excruciating, makeup and prosthetics rubbish and the acting on the whole is dire. Is it bad enough to be good? I give it a 222/666″ – Some Jerk with a Blog

We showed this at our very first Valentine’s Day Special in 2016 when we began at the Highline Bar. Approximately 5 people attended! Thanks for making us a raging success, and as it still hasn’t been released on disc, we are bringing it back for an encore screening!