VHS Uber Alles Feb. ’22

90min · VHS

LOVE! LOSS! REVENGE! SATAN! Our (POST) Valentine's Day Special! Never released on DVD! Only on VHS! Only $3!

The reviews are in!

“Fans of rediscovered now-classics like Miami Connection (1987) and Samurai Cop (1991) will likely appreciate the nuttiness of what’s going on here.”

“[It’s] a perfect storm of stupidity… If you’re like me and really enjoy a terrible movie in the vein of Ed Wood’s atrocities, then you will love this film.”

“I was in this movie, I was the big blonde haired thug in the scene 32 minutes in. So even though the movie bombed and I didn’t get paid I say it was AWESOME! Just kidding it was the DRIZZLING SH*T’S”