VHS Uber Alles Dec. ’22

89min · VHS
  • Saturday, Dec 17, 2022, 9:30pm

Three rad and witchy 80s teen girls botch an anti-Christmas ritual in the woods, awakening a long-dormant and very evil elf. The Elf kicks off a murderous rampage by stomping over to the local mall to kill Santa. Coincidentally, our three ladies are having an after-hours sexy sleepover party… The carnage must continue! An insane plot twist involving Nazi plots to breed these elves with humans in order to create some type of new super-human rounds out this completely bonkers holiday movie.

“In addition to the wacky plot, this one has lots of profanity, lots of bad taste, lots of bad acting, lots of quotable terrible dialogue, lots of hideous 80s hair and clothes, a little gore and even some nudity…It’s all pretty awful, yet entertaining nonetheless.” Random 3/10 IMDB Reviewer

“Do you want to see a perverted department store Santa killed by a mutant elf who stabs him repeatedly in the genitalia? See this movie.” Random 9/10 IMDB Reviewer

“Twas the night before Christmas, And all through the town, Blood-thirsty Elves are about to get down!” Actual VHS Box Quote