VHS Uber Alles Aug ’23

90min · VHS
  • Saturday, Aug 19, 2023, 9:30pm

A mysterious new priest comes to town and little do the other parishioners know, this ferocious father possesses not only extraordinary martial arts skills, but also crucifix blades and a gold handgun with a holy cross on the handle. In just about no time he's kicking ass for the lord, cleaning up the city streets that seem to be teeming with drug dealers and violent scumbags. Fatefully, while in confession he meets a lunatic claiming to be the bloodsucking, skull stealing "vampire" serial killer ravaging the city. With the battle cry "Open the gates of Hell! For I am the right hand of God!!!!" he sets off on his deadliest mission yet...

“This is the kind of movie where you watch Don Stroud eat corn flakes out of a human skull and make smoothies with blood and beer, all while the psychic cop also has a crucifix knife ready to hear that killer’s deathbed confession.” bandsaboutmovies.com

“Memorable for so many of the wrong reasons – [this] film is nevertheless a fascinating stain on the CV of a whole host of talented creatives” theschlockpit.com

“Deliriously awful… F.” Entertainment Weekly, 1992