Rob Schroeder
103min · DCP

Driving home late at night during a heavy rainstorm, Glen experiences car trouble. Near where his car gets stuck, he spots a house, knocks on the door and is greeted by an oddly friendly middle-aged man, Arthur, and his younger wife, Cyndi. The strange couple pours him a drink, and then more drinks, followed by an unexpected offer that Glen can’t refuse. Elsewhere, a young woman, Katie, is feeling emotionally weighed down by a secret romantic arrangement that feels like a textbook case of gaslighting. And at the same time, in a nondescript research facility, medical professional Shannon begins questioning her role in a bizarre experiment, fearing that she’s doing more harm than good.

“Hauntingly disorienting…” Andrew Bundy, The Playlist

“Schroeder’s feature debut is an assured and entertaining puzzle that has cult classic written all over it. It comes highly recommended to fans of Christopher Nolan’s work like Memento.” Martin Unsworth, Starburst