The One

James Wong · 2001
87min · digital
  • Friday, Jan 26, 2024, 9:30pm
  • Saturday, Jan 27, 2024, 9:30pm

Presented by Kung Fu Clubhouse!

Gabriel Yulaw (Jet Li) is a notorious criminal on the run from agents protecting the multiverse. He is hunting all 124 variations of himself to achieve godlike powers in becoming "The One." Now he only has one more target: Gabe Law (Jet Li), a deputy sheriff at the LA County Sheriff's Department who has been gifted with heightened powers alongside Yulaw during his killing spree. A battle between good and evil ensues in an uneasy edgelord cinematic state of blood-pumping paranoia, filmed through the lens of a Philip K. Dick novel. Set to a nu-metal soundtrack, THE ONE remains the most of-its-time AND ahead-of-its-time martial arts film of the early 2000s. And with a supporting cast of two Delroy Lindos (BROKEN ARROW, ROMEO MUST DIE), one Jason Statham (SNATCH, GHOSTS OF MARS), and two Carla Guginos (GERALD'S GAME, SPY KIDS), plus a cameo from Mark Borchardt (AMERICAN MOVIE), the multiverse has never been so cool.

“The movie offers brainless high-tech action without interesting dialogue, characters, motivation or texture. In other words, it’s sure to be popular.” Roger Ebert

“every moment of dialogue is extremely cheesy yet highly effective efforts of world building. What it leaves us with at the end of the film is a misunderstood extremely entertaining action flick that sets up numerous sequels that we sadly never got.” London, Letterboxd user

The One seems at times like a bizarre parody of action films boiled down to 80 minutes of high-tech spectacles. It’s more thrill ride than movie and Wong plays it that way: no sentiment, no complications and no pesky story to get in the way of an arsenal of flashy special effects.” Sean Axmaker, Seattle Post-Intelligencer