The Clones of Bruce Lee

Joseph Kong Hung, Nam Gi-nam · 1980
90min · DCP
  • Sunday, Apr 28, 2024, 8:15pm

New restoration! One of the more ridiculous titles and the "Mount Rushmore" of Bruceploitation, THE CLONES OF BRUCE LEE parodies parallel films in this manufactured subgenre by shamelessly going for the jugular and establishing its own voice with no less than four Bruce lookalikes!

Bruce Lee has just passed away and the world is at a standstill. Fortunately, brilliant scientists find a way to clone Lee from his brain tissue and produce three separate copies. After training them in martial arts, the Special Branch of Investigations sends them off to fight crime in Southeast Asia.

Bruce 1 (Dragon Lee) is sent to perform in a film produced by a gold smuggler who plans to kill Bruce on camera. Bruce 2 (Bruce Le) and Bruce 3 (Bruce Lai) are sent to Thailand to defeat the evil Dr. Ngai, a mad scientist with plans to dominate the world with his bronze automatons, and the help of SBI agent Chuck (Bruce Thai).

Part of Kung Fu Clubhouse’s Bruceploitation Bonanza!

“It’s hard not to love this. In addition to the mad plot and the star power (the three Bruces bump into a Brucie Bonus of Bruce Thai when they hit Thailand!), there’s a ton of dirty fighting, gratuitous nudity, and endlessly quotable dialogue.” Craig Lines, Den of Geek