Saturday Secret Matinees 2022

120min · 16mm

Presented by The Sprocket Society.

The Saturday Secret Matinees escape from lockdown with a new, extra-thrilling season of weekly serial episodes plus secret classic features, all on 16mm film!

In the 12 chapter serial DAREDEVILS OF THE RED CIRCLE (1939), a trio of circus acrobats battle to stop the murderous plots of a brilliant, revenge-crazed criminal and his gang of thugs. Ranked by serial fans as one of the very best ever made, it boasts outstanding stunt work and a great cast, including Charles (“Ming the Merciless”) Middleton as the villain.

Each week’s episode is paired with a secret feature film. Bi-weekly themes provide clues, but it could be almost anything: adventure, sci-fi, art house, a forgotten treasure, or a beloved classic. Plus! As an extra treat this year, each show also includes a different rare serial trailer!

Mar. 26: Totally High!
Acid-drenched, star-studded craziness from the ’60s in mind-expanding Cinemascope!