Rock Out With Your VCR Out: a music video freakout

90min · VHS
  • Thursday, Jan 19, 2023, 7:30pm

Only $5! 9 years ago, we created this earhole-pleasing, eyeball-melting odyssey through Scarecrow Video's vast stacks of music-themed VHS tapes. Join us for this one night only revival! Featuring no-hit wonders, goblin guitarists, Ted Nugent screaming "yank me!", a Bootsy Collins bass solo, and critical analysis of Kurt Cobain’s guitar skills. Be prepared to rock out with your VCR out! Poster by Marc Palm.

From Brian, Volunteer (2003-2023), Lead Programmer (2012-2016), and Manager (2010-2022): After 20 years as a volunteer at the Grand Illusion, I’m “retiring” in early 2023. For a span of about 5 years, Spenser Hoyt and I scoured Scarecrow Video’s VHS collection for the silliest stuff we could find. We’d edit them into themed shows inspired by THE MOVIE ORGY’s stream-of-consciousness mashup style. This is one of my favorites.