Predator w/ Ander Monson

John McTiernan · 1987
107min · DCP

35th Anniversary Screening! Author Ander Monson ("Other Electricities", "Vanishing Point") visits the Grand Illusion for this one night only screening of PREDATOR. His new memoir, "Predator", is a scene-by-scene exploration of the film and offers questions and critiques of masculinity, fandom, and their interrelation with acts of mass violence. After the film he will discuss the book and the film with local author and UW professor David Shields (who has never seen PREDATOR!).

“Written in loose-jointed yet elegant prose that guiltily savors PREDATOR's pleasures, Monson’s subtle, twisty appreciations and critiques… transform the movie into a penetrating commentary on the contradictions of manhood. Movie buffs will want to snap this up.” Publishers Weekly

Part of our annual horror series All Monsters Attack!