From the twisted mind of Quentin Dupieux (Rubber), Mandibles is an absurdist romp that follows simple-minded friends Jean-Gab (David Marsais) and Manu (Grégoire Ludig). After stealing a beat-up Mercedes in order to deliver a mysterious briefcase to an unknown recipient, the friends find more than they bargained for when they hear a buzzing, thumping noise coming from the trunk of the car. When they open it, they find a gigantic fly trapped inside. Manu and Jean-Gab decide to forgo their current mission and instead focus on training the fly to carry out robberies for them, in the hope of making a ton of cash. A hilarious mash-up of buddy comedy and road movie, with a sci-fi twist, Mandibles is a wild and surreal film about friendship, big dreams, and bigger disasters.

Mandibles is sweet, simple, and oh-so-very stupid – a stupidity that’s oddly liberating, like making up ridiculous scenarios with a pal over bong hits.” Beatrice Loayza, New York Times

“What works so well in Mandibles is how it’s set up as a basic heist movie, using very familiar elements, so familiar they’re almost tired cliches, before going completely off the rails into random demented territory.” Sheila O’Malley, RogerEbert.com