Kung Fu Clubhouse: The Last Dragon

Michael Schultz · 1985
108min · DCP
  • Saturday, Feb 25, 2023, 9:30pm

A stylish love letter to kung fu, R&B, and '80s contemporary fashion, THE LAST DRAGON strikes a flashy blow, but also reveals the true heart of martial arts and the philosophy that forms its foundations.

Leroy Green Jr. loves kung fu films, idolizes Bruce Lee, and is on the path to martial arts mastery himself. When his instructor runs out of things to teach, Leroy is sent off to find The Master and complete the final level of his training. Along the way, Leroy runs into Sho'nuff, the Shogun of Harlem, who vows to defeat him in combat. He also meets Laura Charles, local VJ and host of 7th Heaven, a TV program showcasing music videos and live performances. Shortly thereafter, they fall in love. However, Eddie Arkadian, a shrewd businessman who lays claim to a video arcade empire, arranges the kidnapping of Laura in an attempt to get his girlfriend's shoddy music videos airtime on her show. From producer and music supervisor Berry Gordy of Motown Records, this movie must not be missed!

“The charm of The Last Dragon, and key to its lasting potency as a cult object, is how it approaches a conversation about race with humor, even kindness. Its self-deprecation forgives a multitude of sins.” Walter Chaw, Decider

“This movie has a montage where the villain holds auditions for henchmen who all have their own gimmick, special ability, and resume. This movie is good.” Patrick Willems, Letterboxd

“…Schultz and producer Berry Gordy show what dramatic impact stopping a movie to showcase a music video can have. It has even more impact if you do it twice, good thinking. Costuming and characterizations are spot on, providing a ‘historical document’ of the period. While not reigning in the expected awards, it remains a true classic of the coming-of-age sub-genre. Do the right thing, and you could have Vanity too. There is no inappropriate time to breakdance, which is a lesson I follow to this day.” Cinemonster, Letterboxd