Kung Fu Clubhouse: Ninja III: The Domination

Sam Firstenberg · 1984
92min · digital
  • Saturday, Jun 10, 2023, 9:30pm

Aerobics instructor Christie (Lucinda Dickey) becomes possessed by the evil spirit of a fallen ninja warrior. This spirit seeks revenge on those who killed him, controlling Christie's body to carry out his vengeance. The only way the spirit will leave her body is with the help of another ninja.

The ground NINJA III covers cannot be predicted as it opens on a ninja's final corporeal moments on a golf course in broad daylight, in a sequence that must be seen to be believed! On top of ghostly possession directly exploited from EXORCIST fame, it also tries to cash in on the success of FLASHDANCE and its ilk with gratuitous aerobics sequences, a love interest with a cop who sports one of the hairiest bodies in the history of contemporary cinema (whom Christie seduces by pouring V8 on - yes, you read that correctly), and a revenge story that about buckles under the weight of everything stuffed into it.

“Pure lunacy. Pure cinema.” Ian West on Letterboxd

“somehow combines a now unstoppable (and un-stealthy) ninja killing machine with an exorcism motif lifted straight from horror, and gratuitous aerobics sequences (showing off the talents of Lucinda Dickey, flush from recent success in Breakin’)” Anton Bitel, Little White Lies

“A gonzo masterpiece. You will see such bizarre sights that you’ll have no alternative other than to think WTF?” Mike McGranaghan, Film Racket