Kung Fu Clubhouse: Fist of Fury

Lo Wei · 1972
108min · DCP
  • Friday, Aug 11, 2023, 9:30pm

Before ENTER THE DRAGON came another kung fu classic, FIST OF FURY, featuring Bruce Lee's martial arts prowess on display in its purest, rawest form.

Chen Zhen (Lee) returns to China and discovers his master has died. A nearby Japanese dojo antagonizes Chen and draws him out to fight the students there. Chen's problems with the Japanese school multiply as he faces continual harassment. As he investigates the circumstances of his master's death, he confronts the school and its leadership, and, in doing so, passes a point of no return, carrying out his own brand of justice that won't soon be forgotten.

Many performers would try to replicate Lee's swagger and style--especially in the "Bruceploitation" movies that were made in the wake of Lee's death--but none could come close to the effect he made on audiences and cinema worldwide.

In Mandarin and Cantonese with English subtitles.

“Glorious dojo battles with one man versus dozens, expert nunchaku displays, righteous anger, technical prowess… it’s all here. If The Big Boss broke Bruce Lee out as a star, Fist Of Fury cemented him as a legend.” Ed Travis, Cinapse

“Lee exacts a visceral vengeance of mesmerising power.” Almar Haflidason, BBC.com

Please note: Friday night’s screening will include a SECRET SECOND FEATURE: A Bruceploitation flick that’ll make your jaw drop by the end! Shot guerilla-style in extremely close quarters, in which a kung fu film shoot is sabotaged in a cramped apartment, sending PAs running & screaming! Featuring a BONKERS climax, this movie HAS to be seen to be believed!