Disorderly Conduct

70min · DCP
  • Sunday, Jun 30, 2024, 8:30pm

Presented by Full Spectrum Features and curated by Chicago filmmaker Henry Hanson (curator of CYBERGRIME), these queer underground short films spotlight unruly rebels who trespass, shoplift, scheme, skate, surf, screw, and joyfully plot their revenge on a society that seeks to punish deviance. From stealing testosterone to redistribute to trans men, trespassing to dance, shoplifting to feed friends, defiling a colonizer’s grave, to assassinating a billionaire, these films reveal criminality as a gateway to new social forms, beautiful acts of love, and collective liberation. The rules are f***ed up. Why not break them?

Program includes: “Hormonal” (Maz Murray – UK, 2023); “Cicada” (FRANK/ie CONSENT – USA, 2021); “Skate Bitches” (Samuel Shanahoy – Australia, 2012); “F*** THE FASCISM – The Crossroad of Two Worlds” (MariaBasura – Chile, 2020); “Play Structure” (FRANK/ie CONSENT – USA, 2020); “The Beach Boys” (Milo Talwani – USA, 2024); with interstitial video art by Franz Murder. Click here to read more about each short. This program will be presented with open captions.

Full Spectrum Features is a Chicago-based non-profit dedicated to supporting underrepresented filmmakers.

*Due to to the explicit subject matter of some of the content in this program, no one under 18 will be admitted.*