62min · DCP
  • Saturday, Nov 11, 2023, 9:30pm

CYBERGRIME is a disgusting erotic nightmare lovingly extracted from the fiber optic cable lodged in the slimiest depths of your brain. Oversaturated and underexposed: 8 twisted short films plus original glitch art form this breakneck 62-minute collection of hypersleazy technophilic homo-depravity.

Program includes: “Annihilator” (Kyle Mangione-Smith – USA, 2022); “A.I. Mama” (Asuka Lin – USA, 2020); “1-888-5-BLUE-YOU” (Eric Griffin & Jake McClellan – USA, 2021); “S.I.D.S.” (Louise Weard – Canada, 2018); “Un PD avec PC” (Roland Lauth – Germany, 2021); “MonsterDyk√ę” (Kaye Adelaide – Canada, 2021); “Black Pill” (Jessi Gaston – USA, 2020); “Pure Filth” (Ty Williams – USA, 2018); with titles by Is Chabon.

Curated by Henry Hanson of Full Spectrum Features, a Chicago-based non-profit dedicated to supporting underrepresented filmmakers.

PLEASE NOTE: This program is presented with open captions and contains flashing lights and strobe effects which may be unsuitable for individuals with photosensitive epilepsy or chronic migraines.

*Due to to the subject matter of this program and the myriad of content warnings that could be given, no one under 18 will be admitted.*

“eight shocking, provocative and at times surprisingly tender films” Block Club Chicago

“The films in [CYBERGRIME] are concerned with transgression, using their compact runtimes to sketch out one or a handful of shocking ideas that never overstay their welcome.” Cine-File