Bert Gordon Double Bill: Earth vs. the Spider + secret second feature

Bert I. Gordon
170min · 16mm
  • Tuesday, Oct 24, 2023, 7:30pm

The Sprocket Society bids RIP to Mr. BIG with an all-16mm tribute to Bert I. Gordon, with one of his “best” early B-movie hits, plus a secret second feature, and shorts.

Fifty tons of creeping horror! In EARTH VS. THE SPIDER (1958), a tarantula the size of a house starts gobbling up residents of a tiny town! It’s up to plucky teenagers to save the day, despite their crazy lingo and mindless love of rock ‘n’ roll!

PLUS: another secret BIG classic, and spooky shorts!

Gordon, who died in March at age 100, was a jack-of-all-trades indie producer, director, screenwriter, and not-so-special effects artist. During a 35 year career, he made dirt-cheap but very profitable sci-fi, horror and fantasy cult classics like The Amazing Colossal Man, Village of the Giants, and Empire of the Ants. Mainstays of drive-ins and late-night TV, his shlocky treasures embody a lost era of movie fun.

Part of our 16mm Centennial Celebration Series and annual horror series All Monsters Attack!