6 Films by 6 Iranian Filmmakers: An Anthology of Iranian Short Films by Women

90min ยท DCP

    This program introduces a meticulously curated selection of fictional short films crafted by Iranian women, predominantly based within Iran. Set against the backdrop of Iran's deeply patriarchal society, these films serve as a much-needed disruption. They extend an invitation to the audience to immerse themselves in a realm that breathes new vitality into the perception of Iranian cinema, unburdened by preconceived notions.

    At the heart of this curation, two interwoven themes emerge: the experiences of women and children. From the delicate and fragmented recollections of childhood memories, to the depiction of women within diverse power dynamics, this collection beckons viewers to engage with emotions often overlooked in the tapestry of everyday life. Through the lenses of these filmmakers, the inner workings of a system that fosters vulnerability in the lives of children and women are laid bare.

    This program was curated by Pegah Pasalar and Sadaf Sadri in collaboration with the international nonprofit art platform, Cryptofiction. Program includes: “The Zoo” by Nafiseh Zare; “Dissociation” by Peivand Eghtesadi; “Raya” by Sepide Berenji; “The Region” by Asma Ebrahimzadegan, “Iran, Second Day” by Kiana Montajabi; and “Hair” by Samaneh Yadollahi.