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September 18-October 8 (Virtual Screening)


John Hyams / 2020, USA
98min / digital (at your home!)

Jules Willcox (Netflix’s Bloodline) stars in ALONE as Jessica, a grief-stricken widow who flees the city in an attempt to cope with the loss of her husband. When Jessica is kidnapped by a mysterious man and locked in a cabin in the Pacific Northwest, she escapes into the wilderness and is pursued by her captor. The key cast includes Marc Menchaca (Ozark, The Outsider) and Anthony Heald (The Silence Of The Lambs).

September 25-October 15 (Virtual Screening)


Hayden J Weal / 2020, New Zealand
90min / digital (at your home!)

Marbles, a hapless stoner, can see ghosts. Using a homemade concoction of neurological medication and marijuana, he’s getting along just fine mediating between the living and the dead for a pittance of a living.Then Tagg, a recently dead wannabe super-cop, appears and makes Marblesan auspicious offer: help him find a serial killer in exchange for a hefty payout of life insurance. The money will allow Marbles to buy back his family homewhich is tied to happy memories of his late father and which his domineering mother is selling. Can a critical ghost cop and a directionless stoner get over their prejudices and work together to save lives... and deaths?

Use code grandillusion to receive an $8 discount on the film rental.

September 25-November 5 (Virtual Screening)

Psychomagic, A Healing Art

Alejandro Jodorowsky / 2019, France
100min / digital (at your home!)

Alejandro Jodorowsky’s new documentary on the therapeutic work of Psychomagic, draws from his life-long study of philosophy, psychology, ethnology, and world religions--from Freud to shaman, from Kabbalah to Gurdjieff, and everything in between. Bizarre and provocative challenges lead to personal catharsis in this amazing film. Intercut with scenes from his most famous films, it parallels and explains his intent and vision from the start of his career, giving new perspective and meaning to his works, while simultaneously breaking the wall between fictional and real.

September 25-November 5 (Virtual Screening)

Fando y Lis - 4K Restoration!

Alejandro Jodorowsky / 1968, Mexico
93min / digital (at your home!)

Fando Y Lis was filmed using a one-page script adapted from Fernando Arrabel’s stage play, which was a staple of the avant-garde PANIC theater in Mexico City, where Jodorowsky was a director, staging hundreds of plays. It was shot for approximately the equivalent of $25,000 today. Lis was played by Tamara Garina, a well-known pop singer in Mexico looking to break from her good girl image. Alejandro makes a short appearance as a puppeteer who torments the child Lis. Fando and his crippled partner Lis seek the legendary fabled city of Tar, where Lis hopes to be cured of her handicap. She is haunted by her past as a little girl tormented by adults. Fando, sometimes resentful, has taken on the burden of carrying her or pushing her on a wobbly ramshackle cart to reach their goal. Together, they wander a stark landscape of ruins and rubble, populated with characters of the bizarre, grotesque, licentious, and salacious. Fando y Lis can be seen as a brutal and scathing examination of the destructive co-dependence of two lovers conflicted by anguish and the demands they put on one another, each unable to live without the other, pushing them to the point of violence, exploitation, and madness. On another level, it is an allegory of the unconscious internal passions and demons of the individual, torn between expectations and the lustful, torrid hidden desires and fears. Seen at the time as blasphemous and irreverent, Fando y Lis caused a riot at the Mexican premiere where the director’s life was threatened. The film was vilified and subsequently banned. Decades later, Alejandro is celebrated as the maestro of Mexican art cinema. This meticulous restoration, overseen by Mr. Jodorowsky, comes from two sources: the original 35mm negative and the one reel from the duplicate negative, making for the most pristine version of the film available.

September 25-November 5 (Virtual Screening)

El Topo - 4K Restoration!

Alejandro Jodorowsky / 1970, Mexico
125min / digital (at your home!)

Famously, John Lennon and Yoko Ono discovered El Topo in 1969 and were impressed with the surreal, bizarre, and visceral imagery which was presented in a ‘psychedelic-western’ theme of personal transformation. The film was so controversial, when The New York Times published a review dismissing it, outcries from the film’s supporters forced them to rethink their position. It was the first time in the venerable newspaper’s history where they bowed to public pressure and allowed a counter review. The legendary cult film was credited with starting the Midnight Movie phenomenon and firmly established Alejandro Jodorowsky as the master of the outrageous and the profound. In the late 1960s, when Spaghetti Westerns were all the rage, Alejandro Jodorowsky used the syntax and style of this genre as a vehicle to tell the surreal odyssey of mysticism and enlightenment. After abandoning his young son, a brazen gunslinger attempts to defeat four masters and become the preeminent, but he is betrayed and left for dead. Recused by an underground collection of socially shunned and forsaken dwarfs, paraplegic, and disfigured people, he finds redemption. When he attempts to return to the conventional world, he is confronted with a society of decadence and perversion. At the time, Mexico had strict rules about film making, severely limiting production. Alejandro circumvented the restrictions by shooting the script as short films, which became ‘chapters’ in the final film. He also engaged in guerrilla production tactics, most notably using an abandoned Hollywood film set they stumbled upon in the Mexican desert and converting it for the final act. This stunning and vibrant 4K restoration, from the original IP, is presented in 1:33 as it was presented in theaters in 1970, but is also available for the first time in 1:85 widescreen, overseen by Mr. Jodorowsky, who originally envisioned El Topo as a widescreen presentation, in homage to Sergio Leone.

September 25-November 5 (Virtual Screening)

The Holy Mountain - 4K Restoration!

Alejandro Jodorowsky / 1973, Mexico
114min / digital (at your home!)

The scandal of the 1973 Cannes Film Festival, writer/director Alejandro Jodorowsky’s flood of sacrilegious imagery and existential symbolism is a surreal sojourn for enlightenment pitting illusion against truth. The Alchemist (Jodorowsky) assembles together an elite group of thieves - ‘industrialists and politicians’ - that represent the planets in the solar system. The master’s adept intention is to put his recruits through strange mystical rites and divest them of their worldly baggage before embarking on a trip to Lotus Island. There they ascend the Holy Mountain to displace the immortal gods who secretly rule the universe. Following his meteoric rise in the wake of El Topo, Alejandro was given a budget of $1 million dollars (equivalent to $4 million today) and total artistic freedom for his follow up project. He wrote the screenplay, designed the sets and costumes, co-wrote the music, directed and acted in the film. He rejected using known or professional actors, and instead employed persons with actual backgrounds that matched their characters for many key roles. The Holy Mountain is a mythical, mystical masterpiece, a Hieronymus Bosch painting come to life - part spiritual quest, part science fiction, part social satire, and completely without comparison.

October 9-29 (Virtual Screening)

Major Arcana

Josh Melrod / 2020, USA
82min / digital (at your home!)

Set in the backwoods of Vermont, Major Arcana follows Dink (Ujon Tokarski), a carpenter who struggles to move beyond his troubled past when he returns to his hometown to mend relationships and finds solace in building a log cabin by hand. His plans are complicated when he reunites with Sierra (Tara Summers), a woman with whom he shares a difficult past, and he is forced to reconcile his old life with his new one.

“…not the precious object it might first appear; the film has a goofed-up strain of humor and a great ear for hostile dialogue. Its people look like ordinary people, which is what they are, although the camera finds ways of making them worthy of our attention.” Robert Horton

October 9-November 5 (Virtual Screening)

Santa Sangre - New Restoration!

Alejandro Jodorowsky / 1989, Italy
123min / digital (at your home!)

Part of ALL MONSTERS ATTACK! Fifteen years after Alejandro Jodorowsky’s EL TOPO and THE HOLY MOUNTAIN unlocked our collective third eye, the legendary provocateur made his ‘80s comeback with this staggering odyssey of ecstasy, anguish, belief, blasphemy, beauty and madness. SANTA SANGRE continues to enrapture both Jodorowsky newbies and dedicated fans alike with its tale of a young circus performer, the crime of passion that shatters his soul, and a macabre journey back to the world of his armless mother.

“A movie like none other I have seen before...a film in which the inner chambers of the soul are laid bare.” -- Roger Ebert

“One of the great hallucinatory experiences in cinema, a visually intoxicating horror trip. A perfect introduction for those eager to travel down more rarely explored routes of international film.” -- Nathaniel Thompson, Mondo Digital

October 9-November 5 (Virtual Screening)

Jan Svankmajer’s Faust

Jan Svankmajer / 1994, Czech Republic
97min / digital (at your home!)

Part of ALL MONSTERS ATTACK! Jan Svankmajer’s Faust is a rendering of the infamous Dr. Faustus fable of temptation and damnation. Borrowing freely from both Marlowe and Goethe and ancient folktales and timeless myths, the story follows a lonely Czech businessman who sells his soul to the devil in return for 24 years of self-indulgence. A visually fantastic combination of live-action, claymation, puppet theatre, stop-motion animation, and other special effects, Svankmajer creates an unsettling universe presided over by diabolic life-size marionettes and haunted by sinister human messengers from hell. In Czech with English subtitles.

October 9-November 5 (Virtual Screening)

Everything is Terrible!: The Great Satan!

Everything is Terrible! / 2018, USA
72min / digital (at your home!)

Part of ALL MONSTERS ATTACK! Since the dawn of time, man has searched for answers . . . and failed. But the fog of existence has finally cleared thanks to the eternal fruits of EIT!! With their longtime collaborator Lucifer, Everything Is Terrible! has ingested over 2,000 satanic panic, religious kook, and D-horror VHS tapes. They have recontextualized them and created a narrative feature that reminds us all who we are, why we are here, and what we should be doing with our paltry time on this dumb planet. And now they invite you to be an initiate of the psychedelic devotion of EIT! As you take your blood oath, your journey will brim with evangelical ducks, goopy ghouls, and sad white men who believe that Dungeons & Dragons summon actual horned demons. Be warned . . . If you really want to see your mind, you’ve got to be ready to rip your skull open.

October 9-November 5 (Virtual Screening)

Cutting Class

Rospo Pallenberg / 1988, USA
91min / digital (at your home!)

Part of ALL MONSTERS ATTACK! Paula’s (Jill Schoelen, POPCORN) high school experience couldn't be better. Between being class president and dating her school's star basketball player, Dwight (Brad Pitt, ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD), she seems to have everything she could ask for. But when mentally disturbed teenage murderer Brian Wood (Donovan Leitch, THE BLOB) is released from an area asylum, it's not long before the body count begins. A distinctly camp slasher, CUTTING CLASS is a lavish, self-aware take on the genre's best-loved tropes. Starring Brad Pitt in his first feature film leading role, and featuring Roddy McDowall (FRIGHT NIGHT) and Martin Mull (ROSEANNE), CUTTING CLASS is newly restored in 4k from its original camera negative and in its uncut version, never before seen in the United States.

October 9-November 5 (Virtual Screening)

Zombie 3

Lucio Fulci, Claudio Fragasso, Bruno Mattei
1988, USA / 95min / digital (at your home!)

Part of ALL MONSTERS ATTACK! Shortly before completing the sequel to his classic 1979 chomper romper ZOMBIE, the legendary Lucio Fulci became ill and left the Philippines-based production. When writers Claudio Fragasso & Rosella Drudi (TROLL 2) and director Bruno Mattei (THE OTHER HELL) stepped in to finish, the result became one of the most insanely enjoyable zombie romps in EuroCult history. After a deadly virus is stolen from a government lab, it unleashes a wildly entertaining combo of Fulci’s signature extreme violence, Fragasso-style surreal logic and big bloody buckets of goo-spewing mayhem that must be seen to be believed. Merry un-birthday!

October 9-November 5 (Virtual Screening)


Romola Garai / 2020, UK-UAE
99min / digital (at your home!)

Part of ALL MONSTERS ATTACK! Amulet follows Tomaz (Secareanu), a former soldier who is left homeless after an accident and takes refuge in the decaying home of Magda (Juri), a lonely young woman in desperate need of help as she cares for her ailing mother. At first hesitant, Magda soon welcomes Tomaz into their lives. But as he gets closer to and begins to fall for Magda, Tomaz notices strange and unexplainable phenomena. Something seems very wrong with the mysterious old woman who never leaves the top floor, and Tomaz begins to suspect that Magda may in fact be a prisoner to her otherworldly bidding.

”A wild crescendo of demonic possession. It marks Romola Garai as an audacious new horror auteur.” The Hollywood Reporter

”Stays with you long after the lights come up." Film Threat

October 23–November 12 (Virtual Screening)

Ham on Rye

Tyler Taormina / 2020, USA
85min / digital (at your home!)

Ham on Rye, a coming-of-age comedy centered on the nervous excitement of youth and the strange horror of entering adulthood uses an expansive ensemble of over one hundred performers, including non-actors, musicians, 90's Nickelodeon child stars, and more, to explore a suburban community’s relationship with a prom-like ritual and the decay of the human spirit. It begins with the crowd-pleasing spirit of a John Hughes movie and fades slowly into an off-kilter dystopia with the energy of Dazed and Confused.

”CRITIC’S PICK! Impressive. Disquieting and poignant.” New York Times

“Ham on Rye has the uncanny echo of a disturbing real-life dream. A hauntingly off-kilter revision of the end-of-high-school drama.” Richard Brody, The New Yorker

“Delightful.” Caleb Hammond, MovieMaker Magazine

“The Twilight Zone meets Dazed and Confused in this funny, unsettling film.” Max Weiss, Baltimore Magazine

October 30–November 12 (Virtual Screening)

VHS For President Redux

2016, USA / 70min / digital (at your home!)

VHS for President returns! With new footage, including racist-misogynist-buffoon Donald Drumpf! Stunning the polls with an onslaught of vintage videotape footage guaranteed to blow the minds and split the sides of the entire electoral college, apathetic apolitical aestheticians, and other eclectic electorates. Revisit the glory days of VHS through an astounding assortment of sound and vision culled from the bulging archives of Scarecrow Video that includes made-for-TV movies, pulpy propaganda, hysterical histories, grotesque gasbags and moronic mysteries. Featuring nudity, music videos, ex-presidents, ex-candidates, shredded documents and Buddy Ebsen.

A portion of the proceeds from this will be donated to More Than a Vote to help fight against Black voter suppression.

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