VHS Uber Alles July ’22

90min ยท VHS

Murderin' Maniac Movie Night!

One night only! Never released on DVD! Only $3!

"A high-octane, 1980's hyper-schlock masterwork! Every possible misfire: Visible microphone, heinous 'acting', doofus dialogue, clunky set pieces, etc., are here! What should be drawbacks are assets in this criminally inept classic!"

"Wow - this film is fun. Inept in every way - The acting is horrid, the filmmaking is terrible, there are some decent stunts but the script sounds like it was written by drunk 7th graders trying to write a slasher film. The film wastes no time."

"If not for the cheesy killing, watch this movie for its superb use of bad lines. It's a hard one to explain. The killer is the 'Poor Man's David Hasselhoff'. It's awesome. Just watch it."