VHS Über Alles Jan. ’23

87min · VHS
Playing Jan 21

Saturday, Jan 21: 9:30 pm


Two gorgeous playmate-types named KC and Jo, recently released from prison, are searching for a fresh start out in the bayou. Unfortunately, they soon find out the dockside shack they want to turn into a bed and breakfast is also the favorite party spot for the local bikers in town. KC and Jo wind up in the middle of an unrelenting siege of torment by them good ol' boys. In between attacks, they find ample time for romance and nude sunbathing...but no one is safe from these horny and idiotic swamp bros, not even their dog. Find out how to turn a bikini top into a Molotov cocktail in this Canuxploitation classic, one night only!

“It remains almost unique among Canadian exploitation films in its audaciously lowbrow vitality… Is it “culture”? Let them reach for their revolver. Does it reflect Canada to Canadians? You be the judge. Is it a near-masterpiece in a mode that doesn’t even believe in masterpieces? Bet your remote on it.” Canuxploitation.com

“These two girls are bad ass and don’t take sh*t from anyone.” 7/10 IMDB reviewer

“No, not that movie where Arnold Schwarzenegger has a baby.” Anonymous, (3 out of 3 found this review helpful)