VHS Uber Alles Easter Special!

104min · VHS
  • Saturday, Mar 30, 2024, 9:30pm

VHS UBER ALLES presents a very special movie for the Easter holiday! A freelance writer is contracted to go undercover to write a lighthearted magazine story about the experiences of women working as bunnies in gentlemen's clubs. What begins as an easy breezy entertainment article transforms into real social commentary when she realizes that these bunnies aren't brainless bimbos, but women working just another job, deserving the same respect and autonomy she demands as a journalist. Her story gets deeper as the line between her undercover and real-life experiences becomes more and more indistinguishable. All the while, she starts to receive pushback from the men in her life against her burgeoning feminist awakening.

“[The journalist in this movie] is just a symptom of what’s wrong in America now. She chastises men, berates motherhood, defends abortion, is nothing but a pain in the butt.” “Pointless” 1 out of 10 IMDb review from some dude who is clearly a bit of a ladies’ man

“The movie is marred by some feminist whining crap about the plight of women…While not quite a full on T&A flick, it’s a fun movie with lots of talent in bunny costumes.” “Retro Eye Candy” 4 out of 5 Amazon review

“While it claims to condemn the dehumanization of the bunnies, it will also get as much mileage as possible out of scenes showing beautiful women in scanty, tight-fitting outfits.” The New York Times