VHS Uber Alles December

· 1989
97min · VHS

VHS Uber Alles presents: INTERZONE! Only $3!

The Interzone is the last habitable area on Earth after the nuclear apocalypse, rumored to be holding treasure protected by psychic warrior-monks, The Veterans. These monks, led by elderly "General Electric" (yes) send their most gifted Veteran, "Panasonic" (we can't make this up) on a mission to protect the Interzone against a marauding gang of barbarians and wasteland raiders wrangled by a powerful dominatrix-like leader named Mantis (bodybuilder Teagan Clive!). Road-warrior type drifter Swan (Bruce Abbott) hears of the treasure and decides to make a go for it, teaming up with Panasonic and rescued slave girl Tera to defeat the raiders. Interzone...It's The Last Safe Sanctuary On Earth... And The Battle Is On...!