Two on the Road (aka Fearless Dragons)

Lee Chiu · 1980
95min · DCP
  • Tuesday, Apr 30, 2024, 9:15pm

New restoration! TWO ON THE ROAD is a bizarre buddy comedy with a surprising presence of off-the-wall humor. Not all of its jokes land (including a head-scratching MIDNIGHT EXPRESS gag), but when they do, it's pure perfect lunacy.

In the early 1900s, conman Lively Dragon (Leung Kar-Yan) and wanted criminal Crazy Horse (Philip Ko) stumble across a group of robbers who make off with cash and gold from the town of Ming On. The mayor accuses them of the crime while the real thieves escape scot-free. To avoid imprisonment, the two, at first, compete to capture each other for the rewards on their heads; but they eventually work together to find the gold and expose the real bandits. However, the bandit chief isn't giving up so easily... leading to an incredible finale with such blazing-hot choreography, it must be seen to be believed.

Part of Kung Fu Clubhouse’s Bruceploitation Bonanza!

“Turns out, Phillip Ko and Leung Kar-yan are a fantastic double act. They have such great comedic chemistry in Fearless Dragons, and the fights are just fantastic. 1 on 1, 2 on 1, the choreography here is bliss. A ton of fighting styles on display here, including horse style, complete with hilarious horse sound effects!” Jack, Letterboxd

“Add it to the pile of movies that in itself are a means to an end, that end kickstarting with Phillip Ko whinnying and Leung Kar-yan going ‘Horse fist!!!’ and then s#!t gets real. Along the way we find out that Jaws from the James Bond movies has a long lost brother locked up in a dungeon in Taiwan somewhere because no one said you can’t do that.” Carlo V, Letterboxd