Best of SECS Fest 2021: Holes and Wholes

various directors ยท 2019-2021

SECS Fest Midwest presents highlights from the 2021 edition of SECS Fest, a sex-positive, international film festival celebrating the artistry of erotic cinema, focusing on work by feminist and queer filmmakers. Founded by the Seattle Erotica Cinema Society in 2016, SECS Fest features a diverse range of sexually explicit representations, finding beauty in erotic difference and inspiring adult conversations about sex.

These thought-provoking shorts explore the more serious side of sex, with themes of trust, transformation, healing, nature, and the universe. Ranging from magical-realist fantasies to documentaries to poetic essays, these films all use sex to think through personal, philosophical, and metaphysical issues, stimulating your mind as much as your body. Contains unsimulated sex and nudity.

Contains sexually explicit material. Adults (18+) only.