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November 30-December 6


Dennis Nyback's
Twilight Zone Marathon

Various directors & years / B&W / 90min each / 16mm

Film curator and historian Dennis Nyback returns to the GI with another awesome, rare program: 16mm screenings of 21 episodes of Rod Serling's ground-breaking TV show, The Twilight Zone, complete with commercial breaks! Featuring the classic episodes "Eye of the Beholder," "Five Characters in Search of an Exit," "The Monsters are Due on Maple Street" and "The Masks." Three different episodes will be screened each day. Check back soon for the full schedule.

Buy a series pass
$40 general (two free shows!)
$30 student/senior (two free shows!)
$20 member (3 free shows!)

• A Nice Place to Visit (Season 1: 4/15/60); Larry Blydon, Sebastian Cabot; Written by Charles Beaumont.
• Passage for Trumpet (Season 1: 5/20/60); Jack Klugman; Written by Rod Serling.
• The Monsters are Due on Maple Street (Season 1: 3/4/60); Claude Akins Jack Weston; Written by Rod Serling.

• Penny For Your Thoughts (Season 2: 2/3/1961); Dick York; Written by George Clayton Thomas (Logan's Run, Star Trek: The Man Trap).
• Fugitive (Season 3: 3/9/62); J. Patrick O'Malley; Written by Charles Beaumont.
• Eye of the Beholder (Season 2: 11/11/60); Donna Douglas; Written by Rod Serling; Music by Bernard Herrmann.

• The Trade Ins (Season 3: 4/16/62); Joseph Schildkraut, Alma Platt; Written by Rod Serling.
• The Prime Mover (Season 2: 3/24/61); Dane Clark Buddy Ebsen; Written by Charles Beaumont (Masque of the Red Death).
• Five Characters in Search of an Exit (Season 3: 12/22/61); William Windom; Written by Rod Serling.

• Mr. Garrity and the Graves (Season 5: 5/8/64); John Dehner; Written by Rod Serling.
• Mr. Bevis (Season 1: 6/3/60); Orson Bean; Written by Rod Serling.
• The Masks (Season 5: 3/20/64); Robert Keith; Written by Rod Serling; Directed by Ida Lupino (Outrage).

• A Most Unusual Camera (Season 2: 12/16/60); Fred Clark; Written by Charles Beaumont.
• The Brain Center at Whipple's (Season 5: 5/15/64); Richard Deacon; Written by Rod Serling; Directed by Richard Donner (Superman)
• The Shelter (Season 3: 9/29/61); Jack Albertson, Peggy Stewart; Written by Rod Serling.

• Kick the Can (Season 3: 4/9/62); Ernest Truex, Barry Truex; Written by George Clayton Johnson.
• Cavender is Coming (Season 3: 5/25/62); Carol Burnett, Jesse White (Maytag Man 1967-1988); Written by Rod Serling.
• World of His A Own (Season 1: 7/1/60); Keenan Wynn, Phyllis Kirk; Written by Richard Matheson.
• Long Distance Call Season 2: 3/31/63); Billy Mumy, Lili Darvas; Directed by James Sheldon; Written by Charles Beaumont Season 2

• Steel (Season 5: 10/4/63); Written by Richard Matheson (I am Legend).
• The Bard (Season 4: 5/23/63); Jack Weston, John Williams, Burt Reynolds; Written by Rod Serling.
• Mirror Image (Season 1: 2/26/60); Vera Miles, Martin Milner; Written by Rod Serling.

Daily at 7pm & 9pm